Sunday, September 16, 2012

McDonalds Gene

     What is this with decreasing fat and sodium  content in McDonalds menue by 15% in eight years?
Why not decreasing it 50 or even 90 percent in three months? Ah, the flavor....

Marketing team is attempting to gradually retrain McDonalds' customers' palates to accept a  much healthier menu.
     Listening to the latest news on NPR, I felt like an outcast, a stranger:  I had no idea that a McDonalds hamburger had any flavor.
     The strategy is in retraining the brain gradually for not losing the customers.  How about not losing another generation to obesity?
     How about the babies? They are not born with McDonalds flavor in their genes unless they inherit it from their parents. 
     Why making another generation of American kids obese  and then retrain them instead of offering a different menu now, and not eight years later?
     By 2020 the kids, who are not born yet, will be severely obese and will resist changes in McDonalds menu just like their parents resist the change now.

      McDonalds strategy reminds me of the Buddhist metaphor of emptying the ocean with a tea cup. It might be a good practice for developing patience and acceptance, but I would not wait to see how toddlers fill their mouths with greasy fries. 

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